Connecting teachers to
their next opportunity

Goldendelicious is your bridge to the world of careers outside of the classroom.


Transitioning from teaching. Simplified.

Moving on from teaching can feel overwhelming and limiting.

Our AI-powered platform revolutionizes this process

by seamlessly translating teacher skills for diverse careers.

We learn about your goals.

Connect through LinkedIn or upload a resume and answer some fun quizzes.

We match you with job opportunities.

And we generate an industry-standard resume that translates your teacher skills for each job match.

We translate job openings so you can apply.

Quickly understand the behaviors, skills, and competencies of job roles beyond the classroom.

Get matched with employers eager for your unique skillset.

Our platform analyzes your data and employer requirements to identify matches to help you escape the cycle of endless job applications.

No more endless applications and silence after you apply. Our skills-based job matching algorithm, designed to match you with employers looking for your exact skillset, takes the pain out of applying.

Drawing from my journey from teaching to data science, I founded Goldendelicious to provide educators with a straightforward path to new, fulfilling careers, utilizing their invaluable classroom skills.

— Jules Packett, Founder & CEO of Goldendelicious

Get connected directly with employers ready to hire teacher talent.

We intelligently match teachers with new careers,
easing the burden of endless job searching and resume tailoring.