How the Education System Sets Teachers Up for Career Failure

There's a sense of hopelessness among teachers who see no growth or promotional opportunities within the education system, leading to a desire for change or exit from the profession. With the right tools, teachers can transition to new careers.

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Why teachers struggle to get jobs outside of education

The mass exodus from the teaching profession highlights a deep crisis, with experienced teachers desperately seeking to leave due to extreme dissatisfaction, yet finding themselves stuck due to perceived unmarketability in the broader job market. Despite possessing valuable skills like people management, data analysis, and problem-solving, teachers struggle to transition into new careers, often misunderstood and undervalued outside the education sector.

30 Jobs for Former Teachers

Are you experiencing teacher burnout? If we had a magic wand, we’d wave it over you and wish that you could understand just how versatile you are as a job candidate with the right kind of packaging. Teachers are highly skilled individuals who bring a wealth of knowledge, creativity, and leadership to the workforce. They are incredible communicators and have the kind of resourcefulness that amounts to success in workplaces beyond the classroom. But it’s hard to picture yourself in roles outside of the classroom when you don’t have a good sense of the types of jobs out there that are a great fit for transitioning teachers and when you’re dealing with teacher burnout. Let’s talk about what some of the best roles for teacher career changers are and what they entail.

Redefining Career Readiness

Current data suggests approximately 55% of teachers are contemplating leaving the profession, yet they encounter substantial barriers when attempting to execute on this transition. What hinders teachers as they look to leave the profession is a symptom of a broader issue in our workforce: the challenge of pivoting from highly specialized fields to new career paths. As someone who transitioned from teaching to data science and later founded an ed-tech startup, I've experienced firsthand the hurdles this pivot can entail.

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Charting New Paths Beyond Teaching

The mass exodus of teachers from the profession is both a symptom and a cry for help—an echo of frustrations accumulated over years, intensified by the recent pandemic. Teachers, seasoned veterans of the classroom with decades of experience, are contemplating an early departure, driven not by a lack of love for teaching but by a system that seems increasingly incompatible with their professional growth and well-being.

Our Favorite Free Resources for Transitioning Teachers

Making a career pivot is challenging no matter what profession you’re coming from, but for highly specialized workers like teachers, lawyers, or healthcare professionals, it can feel next to impossible. The skills and experiences of specialized workers often go unrecognized or undervalued in the broader job market despite their vast applicability across industries. Thankfully, there are resources that hopeful career changers can leverage to successfully transition into a new industry.

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