How the Education System Sets Teachers Up for Career Failure

When we talk to teachers looking to leave the classroom (a sadly booming industry with the recent mass teacher exodus), we hear time and again:

“I’m too pigeon-holed as a teacher to do anything else.”

“I’ve got too many years teaching — no one wants to touch me with a 10 foot pole.”


“I can’t find another job with my degree, and I don’t know how to highlight my skills as a teacher in a way that is appealing to other fields.”

"I don't even know the companies that hire former teachers or what jobs for ex-teachers even exist."

And we don’t blame them. They’re right. They’re set up by the system to fail to land jobs outside of K-12 teaching jobs.

What other industry asks you to entrench yourself with narrowly-focused degree after narrowly-focused degree (you’ve got to get those education masters degrees and certifications either by mandate or to move up the pay scale) with no upward mobility beyond the entry-level position?  

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Once you become a master teacher, you hit a ceiling.

There’s nowhere to be promoted.

If you want to be an administrator or a principal, there are other degrees you need to invest in and work toward to get there.

And most of us have no interest in that kind of work.

The Department Chair gets the distinct privilege of increased administrative work.

Years of grading papers at home on our “free” time makes that supremely unappealing.

So what does a teacher do if they want to grow in their career? Well, they’ve got to leave.

Teachers are at a disadvantage on the job market. They don’t compete for jobs the way those in other fields do — they hit up career fairs and shop around the same standard resume and get a job at a school close to home.
They don’t negotiate when we land positions — they get what the district pay scale says they’ll get.

They don’t need to leverage office politics to move up so we never become savvy in that way that pays dividends in the working world outside of schools.

The people who raise their hands to do the sacred work of teaching deserve better than to be trapped with no discernible way out.

That's why we created Goldendelicious -- so no teacher ever feels stuck again. Our platform is designed to help you overcome the factors that put teachers at a deficit on the job market. We translate your teaching skills for any industry to support your pivot. We connect you directly with job opportunities so you don't have to search for a job title you may never even heard of. But most of all, we offer a bridge for you to advance in your career, inside of the education space and beyond.